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It stars jamie lee curtis and nick castle who reprise their respective roles as laurie strode and michael. The films primarily focuses on serial killer michael myers who was committed to a sanitarium as a child for the murder of his sister, judith myers. Halloweens villain michael myers has become a horror icon and a favorite among horror fans, and while many are aware that he was originally referred to as the shape, they might not know why. Amazons choice for halloween michael myers movies halloween double feature. Jamie lee curtis returns to her iconic role as laurie strode, who comes to her final confrontation with michael myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing. In the original halloween, the adult michael myers, referred to as the shape in the closing credits, was.

Check out the release date, story, cast and crew of all upcoming movies of mike myers at filmibeat. Halloween ends teaser trailer 2020 michael myers, horror movie hd subscribe to rapid trailer for all the latest movie trailers. Halloween official trailer teaser new 2018 michael myers movie hd 2018 blumhouse comedy, kids, family and animated film. Halloween is an american horror franchise that consists of eleven films, as well as novels, comic books, merchandise, and a video game. Hind, an officer supervisor, and eric myers, an insurance agent. During san diego comiccon weekend, universal pictures announced two new sequels to. Trick or treat studios is proud to present the officially licensed halloween 2018 michael myers mask from the new film halloween 2018 which opened october 19th 2018. Halloween michael myers theme song written and produced by john carpenter kobe bryant used to listen to the halloween theme music on repeat before key games to get in the zone and tap into. Halloween was credited as the film that jumpstarted the slasher craze that continued through the 80s and 90s. May 12, 2020 universal pictures home entertainment have announced a series of twitter watch parties, the first one kicking off this saturday, 516 with halloween 2018, hosted by star jamie lee curtis and director david gordon green. The infamous serial killer makes a bonechilling return in david gordon. The two most iconic killers face off and battle to the death. Much of that was due to the influence of michael myers, the ruthless madman at the center of the story, who returns to his hometown of haddonfield fifteen years after murdering his family on halloween night.

Trailer teaser 2020 jamie lee curtis, michael myers movie hd. Michael john myers was born in 1963 in scarborough, ontario, to alice e. Halloween official trailer new 2018 michael myers movie hd one media. Even in the new movie, lauries daughter, who trained for years to kill myers, tricks michael into revealing himself only to shoot him in the fucking clavicle.

Myers television career really started in 1988, when he joined saturday night live 1975, where. Michael moore on his new movie, trump, 2020 election and. As a sixyearold child, michael was admitted into a psychiatric hospital for murdering his older sister, judith myers. Back in 1978, john carpenter brought a horror film simply titled halloween, which introduced viewers around the world to michael myers, a serial killer who escaped from. But now we have a description from christopher nelson, the makeup effects artist whos designed the new myers mask. Ever since the first halloween movie was released way back in 1978, the iconic slasher franchise started by horror legend john carpenter has been one of the most popular horror franchises in the world. Laurie strode confronts her longtime foe michael myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on halloween night four decades ago. The loomis family isnt through with michael myers just yet, as dr.

Michael myers from new halloween movie looks terrifying. This post contains a mild spoiler for the new halloween movie. Blumhouse is producing the sequel, and are pulling out all the stops for fans. The triumphant return of michael myers isnt over yet. With jamie lee curtis, judy greer, andi matichak, james jude courtney.

Follow the legacy of michael myers in the halloween heritage trailer. Laurie strode confronts her longtime foe michael myers, the masked figure who has. Rubies costume halloween movie michael myers mask with wig. Halloween kills official trailer teaser 2020 jamie lee. New halloween sequels for 2020 and 2021 hint at the end for. It looks like they kill michael myers, but michael myers somehow survives and. This mask comes directly from the movie master and is an exact replica of the mask worn by michael myers in halloween 2018. The new halloween is a sequel to the original only and will ignore the rest of the series. Michael audrey myers is the central character and the main antagonist of the halloween franchise. Michael myers is even creepier in latest halloween 2018.

His parents were both english, and had served in the royal air force and british army, respectively. Oscars best picture winners best picture winners golden globes emmys san diego comiccon new york comiccon sundance film festival toronto intl film. Slashermovie favorite michael myers is back on the big screen and, to no one. In the original film, villain michael myers has spent the last 15 years locked away inside a sanitarium under the care of child psychiatrist dr. Halloween 2018 will feature michael myers wearing the mask he wore during his original rampage. Actors and stuntmen nick castle and james jude courtney, who pull double duty as 61yearold masked killer michael myers in the upcoming halloween, say the shape will be just as ruthless as he was. First look at michael myers mask in the new halloween movie. It certainly looks like that may be the case, based on a close examination of the movies first poster. In this movie, we pick up 40 years after the events of the original. Jamie lee curtis and nick castle are back as laurie strode and michael myers, while john carpenter, who directed the. His 2004 antibush diatribe, fahrenheit 911, remains the topgrossing documentary of all. It is the eleventh installment in the halloween film series and a direct sequel to the 1978 film of the same name while effecting a retcon of all previous sequels.

We have ourselves a new look at michael myers in halloween 2018. The new variation of the theme music is awesome, john carpenter serves as. Myers told entertainment tonight that he is interested in making an austin powers movie told from the perspective of dr. Halloween sequels to arrive in theaters in 2020 and 2021. The movie comes at a key moment for both moore and the republic. Fifteen years after murdering his sister on halloween night 1963, michael myers escapes from a mental hospital and returns to the small town of haddonfield, illinois to kill again. Blumhouses upcoming halloween movie has a lot of reasons for fans to be excited, one of which is the return of original michael myers actor nick castle. After nearly 15 years of captivity, myers broke out of the asylum and, for 23 years, hunts down the rest of his family to kill them. Big ol spoilers for halloween below lock your doors and hide your butcher knives, because michael myers is back. This is the first halloween movie to be shot digitally instead of on film.

With anthony michael hall, jamie lee curtis, judy greer, kyle richards. Get the list of mike myerss upcoming movies for 2020 and 2021. Amazon second chance pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Michael myers actor got advice from a real killer for halloween 2018 halloween 6 would finally reveal that michael had apparently been supernaturallypowered from the very beginning, and had been operating in conjunction with the cult of thorn.

Halloween is a 2018 american slasher film directed by david gordon green and written by. A new sequel is set to arrive this coming holiday, and weve just gotten our first look at michael myers mask, courtesy of its poster. On the night before halloween in 1978, myers escapes and makes his way back home to haddonfield, ill. Halloween official trailer new 2018 michael myers movie. New halloween movies dated for 2020, 2021 the saga of michael myers and laurie strode isnt over, john carpenter says in tweet beatrice verhoeven july 19. Michael myers from the new halloween movie looks satisfyingly creepy. Jamie lee curtis returns once more as laurie strode, series creator john carpenter will executive produce and. Speaking of the cast, nick castle stated that what i like about this new film is theyve got some really good young actors. While movie fans have been adoring their efforts ever since the film was released back in 1992, it turns out that mike myers and dana carvey despised shooting.

Halloween is a 2018 american slasher film directed by david gordon green and written by green, jeff fradley, and danny mcbride. Its main villain the nighunkillable michael myers aka the boogeyman aka the shape is one of the most recognizable characters in all of. Fans of the knifewielding michael myers are getting two more installments in the halloween franchise in the next two years. Is the new halloween movie going to give michael myers just one eye to work with. Michael myers is a fictional character from the halloween series of slasher films. New halloween movies dated for release in 2020, 2021. We have no idea what michael myers mask for the movie is supposed to look like. Heading into halloween 2018, directorcowriter david gordon. How michael myers mask has changed for the new halloween. As michael myers in rob zombies 2007 version of halloween and its 2009 sequel, tyler mane had more material to work with than his predecessors did.

Fifteen years later, he escapes to stalk and kill the people of the fictional town of haddonfield, illinois. With donald pleasence, jamie lee curtis, tony moran, nancy kyes. On october 29, 2018, michael myers, who has been institutionalized at smiths grove for forty years. After 10 movies, we should know how this is gonna go.

Loomis grandson looks to finish what his grandfather started in an allnew 60minute halloween fan film. Subscribe now to catch the best movie trailers 2017 and the latest. New halloween movie will actually feature a new michael. Laurie strode confronts her longtime foe michael myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his. The saga of michael myers and laurie strode continues in the next thrilling chapter of. A full head mask can make you look like something from a halloween movie and a very scarylooking killer, slasher, or boogeyman, but simplicity is the name of the game when recreating michael myers iconic look from the film. Halloween official trailer new 2018 michael myers movie hd. He first appears in 1978 in john carpenters halloween as a young boy who murders his sister, judith myers, and then, fifteen years later, returns home to haddonfield to murder more teenagers. With joshua pedder, john pedder, christopher goldup, michael holmes.

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